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Letters to the Editor

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

The Saunders Report endeavors to give you, dear readers, a voice, a chance to express your views. Here are a few of the recent letters from adoring readers. As the most literate readers in the world deserve, keep your comments clean and concise.

Dear editor,

Your attack on Cruz was uncalled for. Ted has stood up for all Americans and now that sleepy Joe is in the WH you jerks will not call it as it is.


Dear editor,

You libs really kill me. You spend four years attacking the greatest president this country ever had, then after you steal the election from him, you attack Ted Cruz with your stupid little song (Daddy Don't You Walk So Fast). Everyone attacking him for going to Cancun with his family during the storm is just jealous that they couldn't go. What did you expect him to do, go around fixing people's pipes?


Dear editor,

You are one of the few liberals with something to say, but you blew it with your criticism of Ted Cruz. I bet that if your favorite president, Barry Obama, had taken his family to Hawaii, you wouldn't have said anything. They did fly to Hawaii over 100 times while he was president and I don't remember you saying anything about that. At least when President Trump flew, he was flying to one of his properties and it didn't cost the taxpayers anything.


Dear editor,

Boy, were you right! I received your two books as Christmas presents - and they do make excellent door stoppers. They are also fun to read. Unfortunately, I did not get them until a month after Christmas. I keep them on the nightstand next to my bed and when I need a chuckle before going to sleep, I read a couple of your columns.

T. M.

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