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Even more love letters from readers

Dear Editor,

In the column you wrote about taking shots, you complained about people from other countries playing Americans in the movies. You complained about foreigners playing Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King, Harriet Tubman and Scarlett O’Hara.

Scarlett O’Hara is not a real person. Are you really that stupid?


Dear Editor,

Thank you for telling people to get vaccinated. You are performing a valuable public service. Everyone in my family has had their vaccines and boosters, but like you, I wish they’d come up with a vaccine that would stop

me from turning into Krispy Kreme every time I see that Hot Now sign on.

Dear Editor,

How much they paying you to spread that propaganda about the Covid 19 vaccine? I know people who got the shots and the booster shots and still got the covid. If it’s so good for you, how come the U.S. Senators and postal workers don’t have to take it? Also, none of the CEOs who created it take it.

You think you are a free thinker but you are just a sheep like everybody else telling people to take a shot that they don’t know what’s in it.


Dear Editor,

You are a lemming. The vaccine does not work. I know people who took it but still got the covid. Explain that. Wake

up, Barry.

Dear Editor,

I thought I was going to have to stop reading The Saunders Report when I saw the headline “I am no anti-vaxxer, but...”

Usually when you see "but" on a story like that, you know something stupid is about to come next. I’m so glad you were only telling kids to get the lollipop they were promised first before they get the vaccine. Also, pharmacists shouldn't be giving kids candy, even for getting a vaccine.

Dear Editor,

Thank you for the great story you wrote on Coach George Williams, formerly of St. Augustine's (University). I cannot believe they would treat anyone that shabby, but especially not someone who worked there for 50 years and brought such prestige to the place. Whatever problems the (university) has with him or he has with them, I hope they can rise above it and work something out.

Also, you said you attended St. Augustine's. You also said you attended Morehouse. How many #$@#%^& schools did you attend?


Editor's note: Four: Every time I got cut from the basketball team, I'd pack up and transfer to another school.

Dear Editor,

That was a great story you wrote about Pup Williams. He is one of my favorite people in the world and St. Augustine's University should be ashamed of the way it treated him. I also loved the story I saw in the Saunders Report that you did on Bucky Waters. What a treat that must've been, eating lunch with him. I would pay for the thrill of sitting down and breaking bread with Bucky.


Dear Editor,

Thank you for the touching tribute you wrote to the young man who lost his life at the OVC plant in Rocky Mount. I was like you, very disappointed and angry that most of the news stories about the fire focused on the building and the company and jobs and didn't hardly mention Kevon Ricks. He deserved to be honored and you did.

You didn't mention the company you worked on the assembly line for, but it was obvious it was Amazon. Please let us know if the two young men you worked with ever get their Lamborghinis and what color they get.


Dear Editor,

So you have been a con artist for a long time, I see. How could somebody 12-years-old be devious enough to trick his teacher into thinking that he met the president? I have been reading your columns off and on for 30 years and I now am wondering what else you made up. If you made up a visit with the president when you were 12, what else did you make up.


Editor’s note: I was 11, not 12.

Dear Editor,

The story about you meeting the president who wasn’t really the president was one of the funniest things I’ve ever read. I went to Leak Street High School, too, and I agree with you. I was proud to attend a school that thought one of their students meeting the president was important enough to interrupt classes for. Even if you didn’t actually meet the president.

Dear Editor,

I was a student at Leak Street School in the 1960s and I read your story about Mr. Watkins calling the whole school to the auditorium to hear you talk about meeting the president. I was thinking I don’t ever remember that happening, but then you pointed out that you told the truth before everyone got there.

I can just imagine what Mrs. Hager wanted to do with that Tab bottle when she found out the truth. I was scared of that woman.


Dear Editor,

You have bad taste in hats and you have bad taste in sodas. When you wrote about the meeting with President Nixon that didn’t happen, you said you were drinking Tab in the teachers’ lounge. The worst soft drink in history.


Editor’s note: As I recall, Tab is all they had. Also, I was so nervous thinking about the fate that awaited me when I confessed that I doubt I even tasted the soda.

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