"...And the Horse You Rode In On, Saunders"


This book is a compilation of my columns that appeared in the News & Observer from 1999-2005. They are not intended to represent the best of that period- each reader's idea of what constitutes the best will differ - or the worst. I hope it represents a range of subjects that I hope you will find entertaining and thought provoking.

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"Do Unto Others...and Then Run"


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A Collection of Articles By The Man, The Myth, The Legend (In His Own Mind). Foreword comments by Chuck Stone, Founding President of the National Association of Black Journalists.



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I wouldn’t know Barry Saunders if I tripped over him. But these columns are fantastically good, equal to the best I’ve ever read for relevance, for bite, for class and style. 

-Ben Bradlee, Legendary Washington Post executive editor

I can see from your picture in the newspaper where a sense of humor would come in handy. You look like a reject from an Orville Redenbacher Popcorn commercial.

-Wendell Flowers, former death row inmate and poison pen pal