Even more fan mail from our adoring readers

Dear Editor,

It’s easy for you to talk about not putting up fences to protect the Capitol because you are not the one out there trying to defend it. It’s so easy to tell someone else what to do and what not to do. How would you suggest they protect the Capitol?

Signed, L.

Dear L,

Of course measures must be taken to protect our democracy and the buildings that represent it. Some of those measures may even inconvenience us - standing in line, being searched, taking off our shoes.

Most people would accept that as a necessary concession to the reality in which we currently find ourselves.

Most of us think, I’m guessing, that there is a way to protect the Capitol without turning it into an armed fortress. One thing that could deter future would-be government over-throwers would be to bring the full weight of the law down upon those who tried to do just that on Jan. 6. Had the National Guard been deployed when first requested, the Capitol would not have been breached.

A Washington smelling of burned buildings, with tanks rolling down the streets and armed soldiers on every corner is something I saw as a kid when Dr. King was killed.

It is not something anyone who loves America ever wants to see or smell again.