No need for Panic, Dems: The people have spoken.

Ever heard of the pop band called Panic! At the Disco?

This is a story about Panic! At the Demo - the Democratic Party.

More pithy remarks and “words of wisdom” have been attributed to Will Rogers than to any other American this side of Mark Twain.

If Rogers, the Cowboy Confucius, really did say, though, “I don’t belong to any organized party: I’m a Democrat,” it was precisely because of situations such as this.

Two weeks out from the top of their political ticket receiving more votes than any candidate in American history, the Democratic Party is engaging in internecine warfare that threatens to derail their era of good feelings before it even begins. Here’s the problem: The anticipated and predicted “blue wave” – in which Democratic candidates up and down every ballot would wash out their Republican opponents – never materialized. Indeed, the GOP sliced into the Democrats’ edge in the House.

As a result, panic has set in and some within the party are att