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More love letters to the editor from our dear readers - including an international one.

Dear Editor,

There you go again. What’s your deal with Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson?

I know Mark to be a strong Christian with strong values. In case you don’t know it from all the other times you have written these false lies about him, he is not going to be swayed from the righteous way just because some nobody like you feels it is necessary to write lies about him.

God bless Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson.


Dear Editor,

With all the evil going on in the world today and in North Carolina, you have to continually write lies and fake news about a faith-based man like Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson. Why?

What’s the matter, Barry? Do you wish you had a powerful position like him?

And he will be more powerful when the righteous citizens of North Carolina elect him to be our Governor next year.


Dear Editor,

I can’t tell if you don’t like black Republicans or you just don’t like successful black men. This has got to be the 10th story you have written picking on our God-fearing Lt. Governor.

I remember over the years you also wrote stories down grading O.J. Simpson, Mayor Marion Barry of Washington, D.C., and Tupac. And Tina Turner. And Ben Carson.

You really had the nerve to hold your mouth to say that O.J. didn’t like being black. Well, from reading what you have written about Black men over the years, it’s you who has a problem with being black, not O.J.

Why don’t you find someone else to pick on besides your own people?

Or change it up and write about some demonCrats sometimes.


Ed. Note: I admit to writing – truthfully, I hope – about all of those people. Their political party was irrelevant. I do acknowledge that a column I wrote about Tupac decades ago could have been written more diplomatically, given his youth at the time and subsequent things I’ve read about him.

He was a far more profound and astute observer of the human condition than much of the media portrayed at the time. It’s only with the subsequent access provided by the internet that some of his more intellectual and positive attributes have been revealed to the public – including to me.

Did he make bad decisions?

Certainly, but who hasn’t – especially when much of their youth and young adulthood is spent subject to the public’s unblinking gaze?

I am guessing that Tupac would have made significant contributions to the world, both as a performer and as someone to whom young people listened, had he had a chance to grow into full adulthood.

We regret the error.

The editor.

Dear Editor,

Please sir. Leave the Democrat plantation. What have you gotten from backing the Democrat agenda for 200 years? Dr. Ben Carson was correct. The welfare system has been worse for black people than anything since slavery. But people like you keep supporting it and leading your “brothers” and “sisters” down the yellow bricked road.

It’s not yellow because of gold, either.

When are you going to wake up?


Dear Editor,

I read with interest - who am I kidding, no I didn’t – your story about dress codes. Yes, the Senate needs a dress code to keep people from dressing any kind of way when they come to work, but who are you to tell people how to dress?

You should take your own advice, because every picture I see of you, you have on a stupid hat.

Did you lose a bet years ago that said the loser had to wear a stupid hat forever? Are you ball-headed and don’t want the people to see what you really look like?

Embrace your ball head, Un-hairy Barry.


Dear Editor,

I read your Saunders Report here in Australia, and want to say that it is often interesting and has potential to do some good by presenting under-represented viewpoints.

That being said, are you kidding me with the piece you wrote on your public representatives’ attire?

With all that’s going on in America, it seems like such a waste to waste time on piffles such as who wears what to work.

I will continue to eagerly look forward to receiving your report in my email folder, but I hope that you will find things of more significance to opine about than what your representatives wear to work.


Dear Editor,

I see you are still at it all these years later.

You don’t know me, and probably don’t remember me, but you wrote about me and my wife several years ago. Actually, you wrote about what we wore to a Diana Ross concert at the Durham Performing Arts Center.

We were sitting in front of you and had on red jackets and blue jeans. Apparently, that offended you, because you took the time to write about it.

I just read the story you wrote about the dress code for the U.S. Senate and see you are still writing about the same thing all these years later.

Really, sir?

The wife and I – she was just my girlfriend then – got a kick out of the column. The only thing we wish is that you had talked to us and got our names, because our friends didn’t believe it when we told them it was us you were writing about or that we had seats eight rows from the stage.


Ed. Note: Dear Red, I most certainly do remember you. You both had on red jackets, which could have been a bold fashion statement – if the jackets hadn’t been made of fleece and emblazoned with the North Face logo.

Congrats to you and Mrs. Red.

Dear Editor,

These are valid and constructive criticisms about the Senate, members should dress the part. Their appearance has very little consequence compared to their actions.

Dear Editor,

While a former western Pennsylvanian by birth and appreciative of our blue collar tradition (and a huge fan of Fetterman’s policies), it is time for him to don the professional attire of a Senator. Now let’s talk about Jim Jordan’s weak rolled-up-sleeves-attempt to pass himself off as anything other than what he is….trash.


Ed. Note: Mr. Iron, I, too, am a fan of Fetterman’s policy positions, but think they’d carry more weight if he dressed the part of a U.S. Senator.

Dear Editor,

I appreciate your column on attire and the Senate. I thought of my Uncle Larry. As a second grader, I saw him everyday at school. He arrived, each morning, immaculately dressed. Suit and tie.

He would then, carefully, change into his overalls and go about his duties as the school’s maintenance man and janitor.

At day’s end he would return to his suit, and continue on in the world, confident and dignified in appearance.

Uncle Larry was one of the men that helped me understand the value in self presentation and the sense of pride that it can generate.

For an impressionable young black boy in the Jim Crow South, it meant so much to see him, and others like him, make their way through an unwelcome world with head unbowed and clothes perfectly appointed.




Oct 23, 2023

Love your columns and the feedback. Keep doing what you do!


Oct 23, 2023

I wonder if these people realize that when Jesus does come back, he is going to be really angry at all of the evil, vile, and despicable things that have been done in His name. I believe that a great of it was done by two-faced hypocritical political leaders that used His name to flog their own agendas.


Do you think someone in North Carolina or Australia (apparently) is currently losing sleep awaiting your next column rife with fresh material? Love the columns Sir.


Oct 23, 2023

OUCH! Did any love letters actually have any love associated with them?? I still love you and keep up the good work! Don't write anything negative about pickle ball.......lord.

Love EC (dedicated tennis and ping pong enthusiast)

Replying to

Pickleball! Don’t get me started. Lol. Kidding. Pong on.





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