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More fan mail!!!

Dear Editor,

I never heard Trump was coming back in August???? But i guess sum dim wit from the The New York Crimes says so then it must be true... Just how many times will you FAKE MEDIA lie about Trump!!

You guys just don't get it... How about writing about ILLEGAL CRIMES? Ask Joe Biden about his racist views over the years. But you won't, that's why people like me left the democratic party!!


Dear Editor,

Boy, you libs cannot leave President Trump alone. Mike Lindell does not speak for President Trump and until I hear him say he will be reinstated in the White House, I don't believe anything you libs write. Crazy Joe Biden is about to undo all the good things Trump did before the election of 2020 was stolen from him. Record unemployment, more people working, a supercharged economy and the country was just generally in a good place. Now look at it. You libs won't be happy until America is a s**thole country like Trump warned us about.


Dear Editor,

F#%& U!!!!!!!!!!


Dear S.P.,

What a wonderful sentiment.

Oh, and right back at ya', Slick.

The Editor

Dear Editor,

It is really becoming tiresome the way you are always attacking the best president America has ever had. He did more in four years than your hero Barry Obama did in eight years. You liberals have ruined this country and we finally got a great president who made America great again, or was trying to when the election was stolen from him. I hope when President Trump becomes president again, he will pick a real conservative as his vice president, which Mike Pence was not.

Dear Editor,

I feel sorry for you. You can't admit that Trump was the greatest president America has ever had in recent history. Your jealousy is not a good look.

Dear Editor,

What's the matter, Barry? You missing your boy Obama? I don't remember you calling him the great pumpkin like you did President Trump. How disrespectful. How would you like it if I called Obama the black pumpkin? See, it isn't so nice, is it?

Dear Editor,

What will you liberals do when President Trump becomes president again, in August or in 2024. Not that old man Joe Biden will survive that long. What are you going to say when President Trump is president again when Sleepy Joe is not able to serve four years?

Ed. Note:

Do you, dear readers, want to tell him - or should I?

Dear Editor,

You've got a lot of nerve talking about Mike Lindell like that. He pulled himself up by his bootstraps and gave the world something that improves people's lives. What have you ever done besides standing on the sideline and writing nonsense?


Dear L.P.,

I am a huge fan of entrepreneurs, and MIke Lindell, the MyPillow founder, has certainly given the world something . Me? He gave me a sore neck.

Dear Editor,

Get help. You have the worst case of TDS (ed. note: I'm assuming he means Trump Derangement Syndrome) I have ever seen.

You need to get help.

Dear Editor,

Your reporting is a bunch of crap about the election. It was stolen and given to Biden. You ain't no better than CNN news or any of the other major networks, that's why Trump didn't report to any of you guys cuz you can't do anything but lie and not tell the truth.


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Mr. Saunders: I was told by a WW II master sergeant "If a man can't take a joke, **** 'im."

Ol' Sarge was good guy. He's no longer with us, but his words still ring, and I pass them on to you.





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