More fan mail!!!

Dear Editor,

I never heard Trump was coming back in August???? But i guess sum dim wit from the The New York Crimes says so then it must be true... Just how many times will you FAKE MEDIA lie about Trump!!

You guys just don't get it... How about writing about ILLEGAL CRIMES? Ask Joe Biden about his racist views over the years. But you won't, that's why people like me left the democratic party!!


Dear Editor,

Boy, you libs cannot leave President Trump alone. Mike Lindell does not speak for President Trump and until I hear him say he will be reinstated in the White House, I don't believe anything you libs write. Crazy Joe Biden is about to undo all the good things Trump did before the election of 2020 was stolen from him. Record unemployment, more people working, a supercharged economy and the country was just generally in a good place. Now look at it. You libs won't be happy until America is a s**thole country like Trump warned us about.


Dear Editor,

F#%& U!!!!!!!!!!