A Farewell to Hemingway

Updated: Jun 2

A recent Saunders Report story on Ernest Hemingway featuring N.C. State University professor Marc Dudley was so well-received that we have decided to print the entire interview. Prof. Dudley was selected by producers Ken Burns and Lynn Novick to appear in the three-part PBS documentary Hemingway. For brevity's sake, the original story was condensed, but Hemingway is so interesting - and Prof. Dudley's knowledge so extensive - that we've decided to print the whole interview. Here it is:

What sparked your interest in Hemingway?

My interest in Hemingway was sparked in graduate school. I was not a fan when first introduced to him in high school, and even having to read him as an undergraduate did not spark anything in me. I simply was not ready for Hemingway back then. But then something changed. Like most, I was drawn to his works in part because of that laconic style of his. But I was also vexed by him as well. The first work of his that intrigued me enough to follow up with research and such was Green Hills of Africa. Not a great book, but a problematic one, and the problems wer