A heapin' helpin' of hyperbole over some hamburgers.

Let's get one thing straight. I love the Rev. Jesse


Among other things, he granted me my first interview with a person whose fame extended beyond the borders of Rockingham when I, a 19-year-old college newspaper editor in 1977, got an exclusive interview moments before he delivered the college commencement address.

So grateful do I remain after all these years that I wrote him a letter a month or so ago thanking him for talking with me alone while a pack of professional journalists bayed outside the door for an audience with him.

I wrote that letter before I even knew he was scheduled to speak at Shaw University recently. I was initially disappointed upon arriving at Shaw's MLK Jr. lunch only to see that Jesse Jr. was replacing his dad as featured speaker. The disappointment was short-lived, though, because Junior was a terrific stand-in.

Here's the question, though: