Coach K won even before the season started. Darn.

It'll surprise no one to hear that, growing up in Chicago, Duke basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski was an adolescent weisenheimer.

He was, he admitted to graduates at the Durham Rescue Mission's fall graduation ceremony recently, "a little bit of an inner city punk."

Of course, he's not unique in that regard, since being insufferable know-it-alls is almost a rite of passage for teens. (From 13 to 16, I couldn't even stand myself, and seemingly spent half my time ducking or nursing injuries from backhands for back-talking my aunt.)

On the night before his first day of high school, the future hall-of-fame coach had a predictably teenage reaction when his mother, a cleaning lady who never attended high school, tried to impart some motherly advice.

"She said 'Michael, get over here. Now tomorrow, you're going to start a different phase of your life,'&q