Think about the children and turn off R. Kelly - and his music

The booze was flowing, the bass was thumping, booties were shaking and all around the Cotton Club in Chicago men were – in time-honored fashion - pitching woo.

I hadn’t the foggiest idea who the dude was seated alone at the table next to mine in the hip nightspot, but judging by the women pilgrimaging to his table to congratulate him, to shake his hand or kiss his cheek, I knew he was a wheel.

Sometime later, I discovered that the man basking in the adulation was Robert – that’s “R.” to you – Kelly, and apparently, because his fame hadn’t yet extended beyond Chicago, he had just released his first album (ask your mama what that is) or signed his first recording contract.

Mr. R is now about to enter into a new contract, though, one with the federal government that’ll last from 10 years to life after he was found guilty of, among other things, sexual exploitation of a child, bribery and sex trafficking.