The Oval Office Odd Couple

Heard the one about Donald J. Trump returning to the White House as president come August?

And from which unimpeachable source did we hear that the twice-impeached former president would be re-presidented?

Why, the MyPillow guy, silly. And the former president himself, according to the New York Times.

The mainstream media have, to an admirable degree, ignored much of Mike Lindell’s inane pillow talk, leaving it to the propaganda arm of the GOP - Fox News - to parrot his claims. The real media are, though, in a tough position: report on Lindell and risk being labeled fearmongers – or ignore him and risk the opprobrium of a nation yelling “HOW COME YOU DIDN’T WARN US?” if Trump actually does through some act of prestidigitation return as a resident to1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

Certain segments of the news media indisputably have a penchant for scaring the guacamole out of us for fun and profit. Remember the so-called Y2K calamity that was supposed to plunge humankind into chaos when computers crashed at midnight on Jan 1, 2000?

Never happened.

Then the media reported – with ins