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Show Dear Ol' Dad Just What You Think of Him This Year.

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

Looking for the perfect Father’s Day gift for Pops?

This year, color him "father" with a gift that will provide hours – nay, years – of enjoyment.

Give him a double-header Do Unto Others… And Then Run and …And The Horse You Rode In On, Saunders, books by award-winning columnist* Barry Saunders.

For just $22 each, $36 for both, plus $4 shipping and handling, you can keep dear ol’ Dad entertained and occupied for hours at a time. Some readers say reading the hundreds of columns in the books aids digestion. (They didn't put it exactly that way.)

Get your orders in now. OPERATORS ARE STANDING BY!!!**

*He won the spelling bee in Mrs. Robinson’s 6th grade class at Leak Street School in Rockingham, on a day when all of the smart kids were either out sick or on a field trip.

**They’re not really standing by, but your humble servant has always wanted to say that.