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More love letters from you, dear readers

Dear Editor,

I enjoyed your article on the LSU-Iowa championship basketball game. Those young ladies took that game every bit as serious as the men did. For the First Lady to treat it like a backyard badminton game was insulting. What was she thinking?

The (women’s) game was better than the men’s championship game.

To be honest, I don’t even remember who played in the men’s championship game.


Dear R.K.,

Neither do I remember who played in the men’s championship game. Perhaps the First Lady thought that if she invited both teams to the White House, they’d dress up in their frilly dresses and drink tea on the White House lawn while eating finger sandwiches and debating which school has the cutest boys.

Just kidding: I don’t know what she was thinking.

The Editor

Dear Editor,

Good job on the women’s college basketball game. It was more enjoyable than the men to me, and there was no doubt it was serious to the players and the millions of fans at the arena and watching on television.

I think Caitlin Clark and Angel Reese are fine young women and represent their schools well, as well as women’s college basketball.


Dear Editor,

Either you have matured a lot over the years or you are still full of $#!%.

I read a column you wrote many years ago where you wrote that you could beat most women college basketball players. I think you even challenged them to play you. It was among the most sexist things I’ve ever read, and that is saying a lot, since I got my degree in Women’s Studies and often was forced to read sexist, chauvinist comments for my research…

You may remember me because I saw you at a party one night after that and told you that it’s a shame that you waste your time and platform writing such juvenile b.s…

If you have matured, bravo for you. I hope so.


Dear W.Y.,

I vaguely remember the column you’re referring to, but there’s no way I could remember everyone who approached me at parties and accused me of writing "juvenile b.s."

At the time, I was younger and brash and still hooped at the YMCA three to five times a week.

Perhaps I had deluded myself into thinking that I could beat some women college basketball players - but I probably thought I could beat some male players, too.

The editor

Dear Editor,

Enjoyed your column on the women’s basketball game and the various subtexts accompanying it. Not surprising in the least that you would defend LSU, but what was surprising was that you actually criticized a democrat, Jill Biden.

That may be a first in The Saunders Report. You usually save your bile for just us Republicans.


Dear Editor,

You flippantly accused the Iowa basketball players of studying Typing and Home Ec.

Home Ec? Just how long has it been since you were in school?


Dear E.W.,

"Just how long has it been since you were in school?"

You know the Seven Wonders of the World?

There were only five when I was in school.

The editor

Dear Editor,

I have always been a fan of the brand of basketball women play.

Overall, I find women’s basketball more fundamentally sound, because they seldom rely on plain athleticism to score. They actually have to run plays. I’m glad to see their game getting so much attention, and I hope it will continue.


Dear Editor,

Who fact-checks the things you write? I just read your story on the Durham City Council meeting that turned into cursing and shouting.

I don’t find it credible that you went to jail for simply cursing someone out when you were 16. You must have also hit them or threatened them…

May I suggest that you hire an editor who will catch you when you “stretch” the truth.


Dear H.G.,

I assure you that I never physically touched the object of my ire. He was built like a piece of scrap iron. There was no way I was going to lay hands on him, but I did call him everything but a pimento cheese sandwich.

Definitely not one of my shining moments. I’ve regretted it for decades.

The editor

Dear Editor,

I think city council meetings and county commissioner meetings, even HOA meetings, would be a lot more entertaining and better attended if they all featured cursing like we saw at the Durham City Council meeting you wrote about. That was a hoot.


Dear Editor,

So now you’re excusing what happened in Durham during the 1990s as “passion.” I remember those school board meetings and I can think of a lot of words to describe what was happening besides passion. Shame and Embarrassment for one.

You sound proud of that. I remember being embarrassed to tell people I was from Durham when they asked why the police were bodily carrying people out of the meetings on television…


Dear W.T.,

“'Shame and embarrassment' for one.”

That’s two.

Anyway, I don’t think I said I was proud of it. Some of the behavior at those meetings was definitely over the top, but when it comes to parents who care too little about their children’s education or those who care too much, I’ll take the latter – as long as they’re not trying to ban books that might hurt their children’s feelings.

The editor.

Dear Editor,

I enjoyed your tribute to President Jimmy Carter last month. He was a disaster as president but very good as an ex-president… He is not doing like your hero Barack who is only concerned with making money hand over fist and destroying neighborhoods in Chicago for his library...

Do you really think the president of the United States was reading the obituaries you wrote for the Atlanta Constitution?


Dear T.K.,

A man can dream, can’t he?

The Editor





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