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Heritage Film Fest

People have always complimented me on my taste in film.

Okay, I have always complimented me on my taste in film, which has always been rather highbrow. I love The Godfather Trilogy - Godfather I, Godfather II and Disco Godfather - and I'm still miffed that Isaac Hayes was overlooked for an Oscar for his dramatic turn in Truck Turner. And I'll never understand how Yaphet Kotto, in the same film, didn't get nominated for the longest, best death scene in cinematic history. As he staggered down the sidewalk after being shot by Hayes' very big gun, it took him like two weeks to finally expire.

That said, every year I've ever attended the Hayti Heritage Film Festival, I've been exposed to two or three fantastic films that I'd have never heard of otherwise. At this year's 27th annual edition of the film festival, there will be something for every taste.

The festival has for nearly three decades been a place to see, be seen, see great movies and rub shoulders with famous directors or those who someday may be.

Because of the 'rona, though, this year's festival will be virtual. There won't be any shoulder-rubbing and hobnobbing, but neither will there be any rush to find a parking spot or agitation when someone decides they just have to check their Facebook page at some film's denouement.

Check out the Hayti Heritage Film Fest link here and see how you can get access to 40 interesting, entertaining films.