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Even more love letters from readers...(cont.)

Dear Editor,

Really nice column on Supreme Court Injustice Clarence Thomas. The idea that this bozo was the best President George H.W. Bush could find to put on the court is ridiculous.

Isn’t there some kind of way we can get him removed? I wonder if he reported those gifts and expensive trips to “faraway places with strange-sounding names” to Uncle Sam. If he didn’t, they should lock him up for income tax evasion.

Keep up the good work,


Dear Editor,

That didn’t take long. I knew when I saw Justice Thomas was the subject of a witch hunt by the liberal media that you were going to launch an attack on him, too. As a reader of your column for 20 years or more, you are so predictable.

You love to attack conservatives and you love to attack Black conservatives even more. Surprise us one day, why don’t you, and write something bad about a libtard.



Dear F.G.,

Libtard? In the immortal words of Ralph Kramden, "You're a riot, Alice."

By the way: 2008 called and wants its outdated political insult back.

The editor.

Dear Editor,

My wife and I got a big chuckle out of your story on Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. We met while we were in college at Gardner Webb in 1970 and there was a song called “Faraway Places with Strange-Sounding Names.”

I think it was by the Embers. It was one of our favorite songs and still is. Every time we start to try to decide where to take our next vacation, one of us will start singing “Faraway places… with strange-sounding names.”

We lean toward being conservative, at least more conservative than you, but we have been fans of yours for more years than I can remember.

Keep up the good work.

P.S. We already have both of your books, but we ordered some for friends for Christmas. They all are loving them.

P.W. and C F-W.

Dear Editor,

F@%K You.

Clarence Thomas

Dear Readers,

Something tells me that this astonishingly articulate and expressive letter was not – repeat, was not – written by Clarence Thomas.

We don’t think. Also, this was one of the kindest responses we received concerning Clarence.

The editor

Dear Editor,

What’s the matter, Barry? Why don’t you write something about our next governor, Mark Robinson? I’d think you would be all over a story about a “brotha” running for governor, but I haven’t seen a word about it.

OH, I forgot. Lt. Gov. Robinson is a conservative, so far be it from you to write anything good about him… He had the nerve to stray off the Democrat party plantation, so that probably makes him not one of your “brothas.”... I saw your media brotheren ignored his historical announcement, too. Which means you libs are running scared.

Don't worry. I’ll save you a seat at his inauguration if you want one. Robinson 2024!



Dear R.A.,

That's funny: I don't know why you think the news media ignored Lt. Gov. Robinson's announcement. I couldn't turn the channel over the weekend without seeing Robinson making his announcement.

Truthfully? I thought I'd stumbled upon a comedy channel. I especially liked the part where he seemed to say that Black people should be the ones paying reparations.

Also, thanks for the offer of a ticket to his inauguration. I'll let you know.

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There may be no greater compliment than when a hard rightist says they read all of your columns. It always seems to me they as a group love to be miserable more than any other community I can think of. Brings to mind Howard Stern’s producers in NY when they were astonished to find that the hardest core listeners were the ones that disliked him the most….why?….because they wanted to hear what he says next.

Gefällt mir




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