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April Love Letters From Readers

Dear Editor,

What is the deal with you and Madison Cawthorn? He seems to be your favorite whipping boy, boy. Somebody likes what he does, even if you don’t. Why don’t you run for office? No, because you aren’t going to run a thing but your mouth hiding behind a computer. If you did run for office, you would probably get 20 votes. Madison Cawthorn will one day be a senator or more.

Not a fan,


Dear F.D.,

I appreciate you increasing the number of votes I will receive. When I ran for Rockingham City Council, I received 14 – and two of those were from my pal Slick, who had never voted before and mistakenly submitted two ballots.

(Hmmm, has the statute of limitations run out on that 1984 election yet?)

Dear Editor,

You wrote that you want to be the only person not to write about Will Smith slapping Chris Rock, but you don’t have a problem slapping Madison Cawthorn. This is what? The fifth or sixth time you’ve wrote about him?

If the people he represents don’t have a problem with what he is doing, why should you? Your jealousy of Rep. Cawthorn is obvious and unbecoming.


Dear N.M.,

I would never slap Mad Cawthorn, not after seeing what he does to trees.

Dear Editor,

Leave Madison Cawthorn ALONE. (The letter-writer wrote a lot more, but that is the only sentence that could be printed.)


Dear Editor,

That was an amazing story you wrote about Mr. Clayton Roberts, the singer who sung with Marvin Gaye. Mr. Roberts said he didn’t kick Marvin out of the group, but he most definitely didn’t sound impressed by him. I love Hitchhike and think it is one of his best songs, although you can’t pick just one Marvin Gaye song.

I’m sure your readers would appreciate it if you would write more stories like that and leave the politics to people who actually know what they are talking about.

Your whining about Madison Cawthorn is getting tiresome. The people who vote for him obviously like what he is doing because if they didn’t they would vote him out of office.

Just because you could never get elected to office is no reason to criticize a man who has done so much for others. What have you done for your country?


Dear H.W.,

The best thing I’ve done for my country is not getting elected to office – although it’s not for lack of trying. (See letter above about my unsuccessful Rockingham City Council bid.)

Dear Editor,

Barry, Barry, Barry. Show us on the doll where Madison Cawthorn touched you? There has got to be something personal you have against him to write about him so much? OR do you just like printing that picture of him looking quite manly with his rifle and camouflage fatigues? Inquiring minds want to know.


Dear P.R.,

After seeing what Madison did to that tree – Google it – I’m not getting close enough for him to touch me anywhere.

Dear Editor,

I would love to know more about Clayton Roberts and the Capitals. That was a great story and those were some good-looking men. Did they make any records I might have heard of?

Dear Editor,

Thank you for the wonderful story by Bucky Waters before the NCAA tournament and the game between Duke and Carolina. I loved his insights… One question I have: how did you get somebody as classy as Bucky to write for you?

Dear Editor,

In regards to your story “Is Richard Petty? When it comes to Duke-UNC basketball, So am I,” you were right. You ARE petty.

Dear Editor,

Loved your piece on Mark Meadows’ love nest that he had never set foot in.


Dear P.K.,

Thank you, but there was a grievous error in the story on Meadows. We wrote that he was registered to vote in two states. A recent Washington Post story reports that he was registered to vote in three: both Carolinas and Virginia.

The Saunders Report regrets the error.

1 Comment

Apr 26, 2022

FD had it right when he called Cawthorn boy. Ever wonder why there is a minimum age of 25 for Representatives? I can only surmise that in the end of the 18th century someone who had reached that age would be considered established and mature.

This boy running around getting speeding tickets, wearing girl's underwear, pranking, and generally acting a fool is neither. But considering the tone of the rest of his party are you surprised.

Tom Gunshinan





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