Anne Frank was right: no need to wait to improve the world.

For seemingly one of the few days this winter, it wasn't raining last Saturday afternoon in Durham and the open sunroof was actually that - a sun roof.

So what was that wet stuff on my face as I turned left off of Carver Street onto Guess Road?


Egads!!! Yes, tears, and here's what happened.

I was third in line at the light to make the turn when the arrow changed to green, yet no one was moving. I didn't honk my horn - I've seen too many violent confrontations that started because somebody blew their horn and somebody else blew their top - but I peered around the other cars to see what was causing the holdup ahead: turned out that a man whose truck had cut off in the middle of the intersection was laboring to push it out of traffic. He had the driver's door open and was trying with limited success to push and steer at the same time.

Like most of you, whenever I see a stalled car, my first thought is "Gee, glad it isn't me." My second thought is "How can I help?"

I concluded that I was too far back to be of any real help, but three men in three different vehicles concluded