$600 is not a princely sum for the people who keep this country running.

In college, I once attended a rape prevention class in which the instructor advised women on what they should do if attacked.


Fight back.


What if that doesn't work? one woman asked.

"Kick him in the (private parts) as hard as you can."

What if he keeps chasing you? she asked.

"What kind of men do you know?" the instructor asked incredulously.

That's the question I want to ask politicians who oppose extending coronavirus-related unemployment benefits to people made jobless by Covid-19. Many Republican senators oppose extending $600 weekly payments because, they fear, when added to their regular unemployment payment, some people may actually - for a brief moment - make more from not working than they would from their regular gig.

They would thus, Sen. Tim Scott, R-S.C., said, be "disincentivized" from working.