Despite the Rona, they're gonna buy those shoes, get those hairdos.

What I did for a pair of basketball sneakers is embarrassing to think about even now, 47 years later.

For some inexplicable reason, Rockingham's lone sporting goods store - Currie's - ran out of white canvas hightop Converse when they were all the rage. Using the 1973 version of the internet, I got out the Yellow Pages and, much to my aunt's chagrin when the telephone bill arrived, let my fingers do the walking all over North Carolina until I found a pair.

A sporting goods store in Laurinburg had one pair, size 13, so I ran - literally - downtown to the Rockingham bus station, got a roundtrip ticket on Continental Trailways and rode it over to Scotland County. I then asked around until I found the city's sporting goods store, plunked down my $14 for the shoes and went back to the bus station to wait four hours for the return bus. I guarded that shoe box containing my coveted canvas Cons as though it held - as Bogart said of the Maltese Falcon - "the stuff dreams are made of."

Which it did.