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Who says there's no perfect gift? Here's one that is.

You still have time to send the perennial Christmas present beloved by literate people the world over, young and old alike - copies of the books Do Unto Others... AndThen Run and ...And the Horse You Rode In On, Saunders!

The books contain more than 500 columns written by The Saunders Report publisher and award-winning writer* Barry Saunders.

They are $20 each or two for $36.

You know what makes the books a perfect gift?

You can give them to people you love, to those you only feel so-so about and especially to those you really don't want to see: give them these two books, and your problem will be solved, because they'll seldom leave home after becoming engrossed in these handsome volumes.

To ensure yours arrive by Christmas, go to Store on home page and order today.

* He won the spelling bee in Mrs. Robinson's 6th grade class at Leak Street School: all the smart kids were on a field trip or sick that day.