Learning lessons that go beyond the greens on the golf course.

Despite having a well-stamped passport, Renee Allain-Stockton said there's one thing that she can be sure of finding regardless of where she travels - a golf match with other women.

Her husband, Dmitri Stockton, and she have lived, among other places, in Atlanta, Connecticut, Zurich, Paris and London.

"Everyplace I go" she told thesaundersreport.com, "I somehow manage to find a cadre of women to play golf with. In Europe, all of them weren't sisters, but in most places they have been.. A lot of us have gotten into it because of our careers.

"In certain professions, that's how people do business: they take clients out to courses and you don't want to be left out," she said.

When the organization Triangle Women in Golf, of which Allain-Stockton is president, hosts its 16th annual TWIG Invitational Golf Tournament Sept. 14 at Hillandale Golf Course in Durham, part of the purpose will be to ensure that young girls won't be left out of the business world and will be equipped to