Where do superheroes put their savings? In a super bank, of course.

Superheroes , especially super-smart ones like Jariyon Allen, need some place to put their savings when they take a break from saving the world.

At least, that's what M&F President James Sills hopes.

Jariyon, 6, was one of scores of young people and their parents who ignored cloudy skies and rain to attend the bank's 20th annual Community Appreciation Day at its branch on Chapel Hill Boulevard in Durham Saturday.

The kids - and more than a few adults - got their faces painted and dined on hot dogs, hamburgers, chicken, macaroni & cheese and other scrumptious fare, in addition to receiving information on savings and checking accounts and other banking services.

Ray Frederick brought his internationally renowned Bouncing Bulldogs jump rope team to provide entertainment.

"We don't care if it does rain