When you go in for a latte, but get a lotta attitude instead.

Your humble correspondent here has started two businesses and seen both go belly up, so he knows the importance of having a business plan to follow.

That's why, as much as I hated seeing Beyu Caffe in downtown Durham abandon its popular nightclub and live jazz performances to become solely a coffee shop, I understood.

The owner, Dorian Bolden, a former Wall Street financier and Duke University graduate, patiently explained to me one day as I sat sipping an Oprah Mocha latte in his cafe at 341 W. Main St. that as much as he regretted doing it, the tea leaves told him that the future lay in coffee.

He was understandably exasperated, since I might've been the 992nd person that week to decry the change to him personally.

Again, hated to hear he was shutting do