How do you fix a broken heart and country?

Ahhh, now I remember.

For a second there, I was about to forget why facing the world eyeball-to-eyeball first thing in the morning isn't a good idea - at least not without a good, stiff drink.

Of coffee?

Sure, let's say coffee.

As a journalist, you're used to waking up and turning on the news, clicking on your screen or grabbing a newspaper first thing in the morning to see what went down while you slumbered.

That way lies madness.

I don't know about you, but for moi, the state of the world has seemed so bad that for at least the past year I've consciously taken to delaying re-entry into reality, preferring instead to wake up to a past that never was - a past of, say, Leave It To Beaver and the quaint problems of Ward, June and the boys, problems like the hijinks that ensue when Ward reluctantly buys the Beav a brand new genuine leather jacket - $23.76, including tax - and he unwisely loans it to his pal Richard.

Or perhaps Matlock, where you can watch Ben save some wrongly convicted sap from the electric chair in 47 minutes, not including commercials.


I prefer to call it the informational equivalent of dipping your big toe into the water before plunging in headfirst.

Saturday, though, for some unfathomable reason - I dove right in, eschewing the usual caution. I reached over, grabbed the clicker and intrepidly - nay, foolishly - clicked on one of the news channels.