Sam will return to UNC campus for another year (correction).

It appears you can't keep a good man down.

Or, depending upon on which side of the issue you stand, a bad one, either.

Silent Sam, the Confederate Civil War soldier who has stood sentry in the middle of UNC's campus for 105 years - but who was recently toppled by students who view him as a symbol of the state's past best forgotten - will apparently be returning to his previous perch as soon as he gets a little R&R and TLC.

In an earlier column, reported that the State Historical Commission's monument commission had recommended moving Sam and three other monuments to the Bentonville battleground.

WE WERE WRONG: That solomonic suggestion came from Gov. Cooper, not the commission. The commission, soon after we published that piece, rejected Cooper's recommendation, meaning Sam will return to his longtime position guarding the campus.

The commission did recommend that memorials honoring African Americans be erected, which led me to call my pal in Goldsboro, attorney Tommy Jarrett, to see who he thought would be a suitable candidate for such memorialization.