Hero? I've got your hero right here.

Everyone who knows me knows that if I have one fault, it's that I'm too modest.

That's why it's so uncharacteristic of me to say that this the best Memorial Day story you will read. Ever.

Maestro, hit it:

Unless you remember a column I wrote a few years ago or you are a history buff, it’s unlikely that you have heard the name Dan Bullock or know his story.

That injustice should change – and it will change if you ever find yourself in the 200 block of West Ash Street in Goldsboro after Memorial Day. That’s when the state, after years of being badgered, cajoled and shamed, will unveil and dedicate an N.C. Highway Historical Marker in his honor.

That’s a long overdue but small price to pay to someone who paid so much so young – younger, indeed, than anyone else ever did.