May 28, 2018

Everyone who knows me knows that if I have one fault, it's that I'm too modest.

That's why it's so uncharacteristic of me to say that this the best Memorial Day story you will read. Ever.

Maestro, hit it:

      Unless you remember a column I wrote a few years ago or you are a history buff, it’s unlikely that you have heard the name Dan Bullock or know his story.

      That injustice should change – and it will change if you ever find your...

May 27, 2018

      Oh God. Not you too, God!

      God: Yep, me too.

      Morgan Freeman, who has played God in one movie and hosts a T.V. documentary series called "The Story of God," is the latest to be outed as part of the "#MeToo" movement for allegedly buttholish behavior by powerful men toward women.

      Freeman, 80, apologized for saying things that were misconstrued or meant jokingly, but he denied e...

May 22, 2018

     Even now, two decades after I first met Mildred Council, it's hard to tell what was more impressive - the second-helpings she served of her storied candied yams or the second chance at life she served up to the many cons and ex-cons who worked at her Chapel Hill restaurant, Mama Dip's Kitchen.

     If your relatives and friends visiting the Triangle are anything like mine, they always want to be taken to one of four places - the o...

April 30, 2018

        I remember the one time in my life that I called someone ugly.

        It was freshman year at St. Augustine's College and I had somehow snagged me my first girlfriend.

      She was a cheerleader and she was beautiful. So were all of her friends.

       I naturally began to think that I belonged in that club because they let me sit at the table in the cafeteria with them....

April 27, 2018

       Many people think the best "The Cosby Show" episode was the one where the Huxtables, with Rudy on lead vocals, sung "The Night Time Is The Right Time."

      They're wrong. The best one was where Vanessa brought home her new fiance, Dabnis, and Cliff - disgusted by the way the family met him - asked him his favorite meal.

       Dabnis, a meat-and-potatoes type - literally and figuratively - sai...

April 24, 2018

"Say, did y'all ever get that cloning thing fixed?"

I never found out, because the scientist at the University of Utah's Health Sciences department never called back after I left a message explaining why I was calling.

Here's why I was calling:

By some accursed twist of fate, Todd Rundgren and Smokey Robinson will both be performing in Durham on April 29, within a mile of each other at the same time. I simply wanted to find out if I could get...

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