March 18, 2020

      In a recent whine-soaked column, we decried the way winning political candidates call you, court you and then cavalierly cast you aside after corralling your cash or your vote.

      I mentioned, only incidentally, that I once ran for the Rockingham City Council. Even though, as noted, I only received 14 votes, a groundswell of The Saunders Report readers has risen, urging that I run again....

March 11, 2020

       I... I feel so used, so cheap.

      For a few weeks I was - and if you've paid your phone bill, you were, too - among the most popular people in America as political candidates bombarded North Carolina registered voters with unsolicited emails, texts and telephone calls, you know, just to check on us, to see how our mama and nem were doing and ask if they could count on our vote and a campaign donation....

February 20, 2020

      In retrospect, I wish I'd at least told the dude to move his butt off my table.

      Several years ago, while I was at a journalism convention and manning the booth for the News & Observer, a man I didn't know walked up and imperiously perched on the side of the table at which I sat talking to prospective job applicants.

      Before I could pointedly tell him where else he could go sit, a co-worker...

February 14, 2020


Oh well, there goes my one shot at being unique.

      It was my goal to be the only columnist in America to not write about Kobe Bryant.

      I was proceeding nicely until a reader wrote a letter asking The Saunders Report's resident shrink, Dr. Anthony Smith, how to deal with her son's idolatry of the late hoop star.

      Dear Dr. Smith,

      My 9-year-old son is a huge Kobe Bryant fan and he was deva...

January 9, 2020

Addendum: the last paragraph in the initial edition of this story was incorrectly worded. It has been changed to reflect the accurate comment... The Publisher


      Fred Crisp, former publisher of the News & Observer, told me of the time he received a call from Frank Daniels, then the paper's owner, while Frank was in South Africa.

      What's new? Frank asked.

      "Saunders just wrote a column about comi...

December 23, 2019

      It's official: I am the only person in Durham who did not see Dave Chappelle when he was in town this month.

      From what I've been able to determine, even the people who weren't able to nab tickets to the funnyman's performances at the Carolina Theater - despite an extra show being added - encountered the comedian about town.

      Where and how did people see Chappelle?

      Let me count the ways:...

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