June 21, 2019

      Until you do right by me, everything you think about is going to crumble...

Celie in The Color Purple

      Don't you just hate to kick a country when it's down?

      Me neither. At least not in this instance.

      A decade before the recent tragic, unexplained deaths of tourists had people crossing the Dominican Republic off its list of vacation destinations, I'd already vowed to never again sink my toes...

June 14, 2019

      Richard Spencer's father never took him to a ballgame, never taught him to tie a tie, never offered a fatherly ear when he needed it.

      For the most part Spencer, a songwriter and lead singer of the group The Winstons, was cool with that. After all, his mother had provided all the love and soul nourishment he needed.

      Or so he thought.

      Spencer, who recently moved from his hometown of Wad...

June 10, 2019

Who knows Durham better than Saunders? Read the full story on IndyWeek.com or by following the link below. 

Keep Durham Great. Keep It INDY: A Great City Needs a Great Weekly.

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June 7, 2019

      Rodrick Miller had been away at college for precisely

one week when he got the telephone call all kids

dread. It was from his dad.

      "Don't make me come down there."


      "Don't make me come down there to that college and yank you out."

      Miller had just concluded his first week at St. Augustine's University - nee College - and taken one test in a business orienta...

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A rainbow coalition road crew saved the day for me, could do the same for America.

August 5, 2019

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