May 31, 2019

       I swear, I started going simply for the chicken

& dumplings, the smothered chicken, the yams.

      It was only after I'd sopped up Mama Dip's gravy for

years that I learned of all the wonderful things she was

doing through her eponymous Chapel Hill restaurant.

      Who knew, for instance, that she was providing food, at no charge, for poor children who otherwise would have gone to school hungry?


May 23, 2019

      Sorry, homes. I'm busy arranging my socks by color.

      It's unlikely Morehouse College will be calling me when it seeks a compelling commencement speaker for 2020, but just in case President Thomas runs out of people and finally gets waaaay down on his Rolodex, I'm already trying to come up with a good excuse for turning him down.

      “Arranging socks” is as far as I’ve gotten in the alphabet so far....

May 9, 2019

      I like peanut butter and soda crackers. I really do. 

      While working at Sandhurst Hosiery Mill in

Rockingham, I'd whip up a batch of those bad boys before work and stuff them in all of my pockets to snack on, since I could never last until lunchtime without eating and I was danged if I was going to spend a whole quarter for six little bitty Nabs from the vending machine.

    (If you ever purchased a pair of L'...

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August 5, 2019

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