December 25, 2018

T'was just hours before Christmas and all through the town

There wasn't a drop of egg nog nowhere to be found.

I went to Harris Teeter, Food King and Food Lion

but not one of them was selling, so I wasn't buyin'.

I checked at the gas station, the drug store and bar

but the bartender shook his fist and said "Boy, git outta h'ar."

There are certain traditions at Christmas that matter

like cookies and cakes all spread on a platter.

But the greatest tradit...

December 19, 2018

          This is a 100 percent true Christmas story:

      Several Decembers ago, I staggered out of Macy's at the Streets of Southpoint Mall in Durham, and with a loud, dispirited sigh plopped down onto a bench.

      A man on another bench heard and asked if I was tired from shopping too much.

      No, I told him, I was fleeing that insufferable song on the store's sound system that was assailing sh...

December 11, 2018

Scratching your head trying to think of the perfect gift for that special friend?

Well, Santa Barry says "scratch no more!"

      Here, just in time for the Yuletide season, is the perfect gift*, one guaranteed to give months of reading enjoyment to the bibliophile in your life.

      You can get 10 years' of award-winning columnist** Barry Saunders' columns in time for the low, low price of $22, or 20-plus years for $36. That inclu...

December 4, 2018


If you're in doubt, here are four ways to know you're old:

       ◆You wear your belt four inches below your chin.

       ◆ You sing the praises of reading glasses to everyone you meet.

       ◆  You read the calorie content of egg nog before you buy it. (You buy it anyway.)

       ◆ You are genuinely surprised that social media sites such as Facebook have been sell...

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A rainbow coalition road crew saved the day for me, could do the same for America.

August 5, 2019

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